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10743NAT Diploma in Christian Ministry and Theology

This course is designed to train effective Christian Ministry in His Church locally and abroad, coherently communicating the Gospel. This course will equip ascension gifted individuals and church leaders in a range of Christian ministry activities relevant to the local Church, Christian organisation and the workplace. 

Outcomes –

This course will give students: 

  • Skills in theological reasoning and ethical decision-making 

  • Enhanced communication (especially in communicating biblical concepts), conflict-resolution and people management skills 

  • Pastoral care, leadership and ministry skills with a heart for God and people 

  • Opportunities for the development of specialised ministry skills 

The Certificate runs over one year. The format and subjects are as per the following: 

  • CMTTHE501 - Analyse and interpret Christian Scripture and Theology - Church History and Cults

  • CMTTHE502 - Utilise the analysis of theological data – Systematic Theology & Bible Customs 

  • CMTTHE503 - Research and analyse information within a theological theme or issue - Apologetics, Biblical Truths and Biblical Extremes 

  • CMTTHE504 - Analyse and supply new theological insights - Christian Ethics 

  • CMTMIN501 - Facilitate personal or social change though the application of theological ideas - Church Planting and Growth 

  • CMTMIN502 - Present theological beliefs and their implications - Special Services, Homiletics and Communication 

  • CHCLEG001 - Work legally and ethically - Biblical Management Principles 

  • CHCMGT003 - Lead the work team - Leadership Principles 

  • CHCPAS001 - Plan for the provision of pastoral and spiritual care - Pastoral Counselling and Introduction to Psychology 

  • CHCPRP001 - Develop and maintain networks and collaborative partnerships - Missions

  • CHCMHS001 - Work with people with mental health issues - Provide Mentoring Support

  • CHCCCS016 - Respond to client needs - Develop Ministry Priorities



- Must be actively involved in Christian Ministry

- An adequate understanding of the English language sufficient to read your preferred version of the Bible and an ability to demonstrate strong knowledge of the Word of God.


Course Requirements:

Successful Completion of Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology 



24 Months + Certificate IV level completion

Course Structure

Course Structure:

To achieve the Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology qualification, the learner must complete 10 competency units, made up of six (6) core units and four (4) elective units.

Successful completion of this course will require learners to engage in unsupervised activities including:

  • self-paced study

  • research and reading theological sources and other material related to Christian ministry and theology

  • Personal study to research, interpret and create an understanding of theological themes or issues

  • observing and interacting with experienced Christian ministry workers

  • periods of devotion and prayer

  • times of public and / or private worship

  • personal retreat and reflection

  • consulting with their organisation and community leaders

  • research, analysis and critique of internet and other resources related to the field of Christian Ministry and Theology

  • preparation of presentations

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