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turingpoint School of Ministry

turningpoint Principles

turningpoint Principles is an eight week course. This course is designed to help people understand the Christian faith and the workings of turningpoint Church as a New Testament pattern church. It is a pre-requisite for membership and leadership within turningpoint Church, turningpoint Principles is also a pre-requisite for our Bible School courses.
The first 4 weeks teach the Principles of the New Testament Church, establishing in every believer the principles as set out in Ephesians 4:16. It provides an understanding of God’s calling and the responsibilities of His people within His Church.
turningpoint Principles is recommended for every Christian who is serious about their faith and those committing themselves to turningpoint church!

This course runs over the school term. The following topics are discussed: 

  • The second coming of Jesus

  • The Word of God

  • Atonement, New Creation

  • Communion: The Lord's Table

  • Personal Evangelism

  • Local Church Governance

  • Christian Stewardship

  • Church Memebership

  • Repentance from Dead Works

  • Faith Towards God

  • Salvation and Repenetance

  • Prayer and Fasting

  • The Holy Spirit

  • Why we are a Pentecostal Church

  • Serving in the Local Church

  • The Apostles' Doctrine

  • Our CRC Heritage



- stable Christian walk;

- An adequate understanding of the English language sufficient to read your preferred version of the Bible and an ability to demonstrate knowledge of the Word of God.

Course Requirements:


There are no requirements for this course



one school term; 8 weeks

Course Structure:

Course Structure

turningpoint Principles is a short course administered by turningpoint churches and provides no accreditation. However the course is a requirement of applying for membership with turningpoint Churches.

To complete this course students must attend all of the 8 weeks of teaching and actively participate in classes. This includes reading from the Bible or the class notes when asked, contributing when asked questions, and memorising the scripture provided each week.

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