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turningpoint School of Ministry

10741NAT Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology

This course is for those desiring to live a life following the example of Jesus.


This Empowering, Holy Spirit led, highly practical and biblically based training is the CRC Churches’ mission and foundation which is set upon fostering greater intimacy with God, from where all ministry expression flows, and preparing for active Christian service.


This course runs over one year. The format and subjects are as per the following:  

  • CMTTHE301 – Research Christian Scripture and Theology - New Testament Survey

  • CMTTHE302 - Interpret theological data Identify theological data - Old Testament survey and the feasts of Israel 

  • CMTTHE303 - Present information on a theological theme or issue - New Creation Realities, Faith and Healings 

  • CMTTHE304 - Apply new theological insight - Holy Spirit and Demonology 

  • CMTMIN301 - Apply theological knowledge to contemporary ethical issues - Authority and Authenticity of the Bible 

  • CMTMIN302 - Communicate theology in everyday language - Bible Prophecy and the return of Christ 

  • CHCECE006 - Support behaviour of children and young people - Children's Ministry

  • CHCCDE004 - Implement participation and engagement strategies - New Testament Church



- stable Christian walk;

- active in service within a Christian church;

- paid enrolment and course fees as due

- An adequate understanding of the English language sufficient to read your preferred version of the Bible and an ability to demonstrate strong knowledge of the Word of God.

Course Requirements:


There are no requirements for this course



12 Months

Course Structure:

Course Structure

Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology is a Government accredited course delivered by us and administered by an external R.T.O. provider.

To achieve the Certificate in Christian Ministry and Theology qualification,
the learner must complete the eight units made up of six core and two
electives(see above).

Successful completion of this course will require learners to engage in
unsupervised activities including:

  • self-paced study

  • research and reading theological sources and other material related to Christian ministry and theology

  • observing and interacting with experienced Christian ministry workers

  • periods of devotion and prayer

  • times of public and / or private worship

  • personal retreat and reflection

  • consulting with the turningpoint organisation and community leaders

  • research and familiarisation with internet and other resources related to the field of Christian Ministry and Theology

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