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TPSM Course Application

Cert III in Christian Ministry and Theology: This course is for those desiring to live a life following the example of Jesus. Empowering, Holy Spirit led, highly practical and biblically-based training is our foundation. Set upon fostering greater intimacy with God, from whom all ministry expression flows, and preparing for active Christian service. The Certificate III is run over one calendar year.

Cert IV in Christian Ministry and Theology: This course is for people who believe they have a calling to active service within the ministry of the church. Must have completed TPSM Cert III Course or equivalent. The Certificate IV is run over one calendar year. 

Diploma in Christian Ministry and Theology: The Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology course is designed to train effective Christian Ministry in His Church locally and abroad in effectively communicating the Gospel. This course will effectively equip Ascension-gifted individuals and church leaders in a range of Christian ministry activities relevant to the local church, Christian organisation, and the workplace. Must have completed TPSM Cert IV Course or equivalent.

These course can be delivered at three levels, as: 

Audit (Non-Accredited) attending class only.

Graduate (Non-Accredited) attending class and completing the assessments receiving a turningpoint Certificate III/IV/Diploma Graduation only.

Accredited (AQF Australia qualification via our external RTO) attending class, engaging with your church’s leadership for ministry assessment and completing the RTO assessment requirements to AQF standard and receiving a Certificate III Accreditation

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Please follow these guidelines when preparing your ID photo:

  • don’t wear a hat or sunglasses in the photo

  • ensure there is no shadow on your face, glass reflection, or red eye

  • use a plain light-coloured background

  • supply the photo as a png, jpg file

  • ensure the photo is not too small and the resolution is high 

 - for an example see your passport photo

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